Digital Tour Marketing

GaldaMedia provides support for Album launch campaigns, artist awareness campaigns, music event promotion, and artist touring support where a 3 layer promotional strategy is deployed for each stop in a music/promotional/comedic tour.


We approach every live or artistic campaign with the same 3 layer funnel concept used by different organizations raging from the Golden State Warriors, to Amazon. We run 3 simultaneous campaigns, one targeting potential new fans, another one targeting currently engaged fans of the artist, and finally, a more aggressive conversion campaign for existing and potential “SUPERFANS” and influencers.

Awareness, Engagement, Conversion – the funnel principles that drive marketing in all industries.


A huge advantage of current digital marketing is the ability to track ad and campaign performance across the web. At every point of purchase, we will be able to track (anonymously) the journey from the ad, to the checkout page, so you can see exactly how much revenue was generated by your ad spend. Our current average revenue-ad spend ratio is about $8 revenue for ever dollar spent in advertising. This ratio varies depending on venue size and ticket price.

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